Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Outdoor Chandelier

I've been wanting to make an outdoor chandelier.

Supplies Used:
-one old funky light frame
-wire cutters and pliers
-prisms and crystals
-tea light candles/solar lights
-galvanized wire

Yesterday while I was running all over town doing errands (wow its hot out finally!) I managed to stop at this funky old place Hippo Hardware to check out their lighting supplies... I purchased an old piece-o-crap beat up simple chandelier frame, I ripped out the guts (the electrical lights and wires) and hung it outside. I mean to paint it, for now it just looks like weathered brass, I sorta like its ghetto-fabulousness at the moment :) Hippo also sells prisms and sparkly bits to fix chandeliers, so I bought a bunch of that stuff too and hung some bling off the old frame. I bought some cheap solar lights from the hardware store (the things you put along your path to light it up at night) and ripped the sticks off them so they can stick into the part of the chandelier that supposed to hold lights. I also played around with putting citronella candles in the chandelier - which looks great and produces a lot of light - however I like how the solar lights stay on regardless and lets the chandelier sparkle in the darkness of my backyard at night. Its romantic and beautiful. And its a great re-use of a really ugly old light fixture. Its now resurrected as a beautiful outdoor chandelier to go above my picnic table. I LOVE it.

for more pictures of the chandelier: check out my flickr


rosebud101 said...

The sneak peek at the chandelier looks great! I hope we get to see more of it as it is completed!

Naomi said...

Love!!! I want to make one too! Also love the make-over BTW:)

Doris said...

Oh, Leah, it is ghetto fabulous, but in the best kind of way!!!!