Friday, August 7, 2009

Give-Away: FREE Glass Plate

Today I have been working and cleaning - my tools at home were in desperate need of organization and I happen to be home today... so its happened.

I like to organize things occasionally, I even own and operate a label gun :)

click here for a pictures of my tool organizing

But back to the FREE give-away fun! You can win these plates - they are glass, dishwashable, foodsafe... they were test experiments that Jan and I made earlier this year. The print on them is a hammer, its visible but a little strange... on one plate its yellow and the other plate has a blue hammer. We found this particular experiment ended up too "polka dotted" and not crisp at all... you can see the hammer print, but not as well as we wanted.

As we published in our LeJa Methods Booklet, some of our experiments were less satisfactory than others. If you are interested in our printing on glass techniques, this book is full of good information - one of the most useful parts of purchasing the little book from us is having all of our mistakes already done for you!

Experiments always lead to give-aways... so these plates need a home and I am sure someone will love them. Enter a comment here or tweet your entry - just make sure I can contact you if you win (I'll need you info so I can send them to you). Thanks a bunch for entering and be sure to pass the word along to your friends (there are two plates being given away here, so if you have a friend enter and they win, they could share the winnings with you!)

This give-away will end when I pick a random winner out of all the names submited by August 20th 2009


Ombra said...

Of course, I would love to win!

rosebud101 said...

I'd like to win, too!

Jennifer said...

I think these plates are really cute! I'd love to own one or both!
cspmom at gmail dot com