Thursday, April 24, 2008

Occupational Wrist Problems Anyone?

I thrash my wrists on a regular basis, so many people do. Besides the physical work with my hands, the endless hours spent typing on my computer don't help (I am convinced its the little mousepad on my laptop that really does a number to my right hand).

As surgery and major medical expenses are not my "to-do" list - I am a regular user of Baoding balls to soothe, strengthen and help my wrists when then are in pain.

Otherwise known as Chinese Medicine balls - these metal spheres are a great source of relief. The two balls are rotated around in the hand. For a beginner, the balls touch at all times (one is male and one is female, they make lovely little chiming noises and the female's has a slightly more femine pitch) and as you get more comfortable with them, you rotate the balls in your hand without the two touching at all. Its very soothing. You can get a set on for $5. Now that is budget-conscious!

When my wrists ache, I sit around in the evening watching some movie or something and rotate the baoding balls in my hand, first clockwise for 10 revolutions and then counter-clockwise with 10 revolutions... then I do it again... then I switch hands. Last night my wrists hurt. After this therapy, this morning they feel great!

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LeaKarts said...

I will have to try that! Acupuncture works great, too (gotta love Chinese medicine!), but sometimes I don't want to deal with an appointment.