Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Website!

I finally have my new website up online to share with the world!  This is very exciting new for me.  Let me tell ya!!  Click on the image above and it'll send you over to check it out.

I have always made my own websites for years, and they aren't so spectacular. But I am a DIY kinda girl and lacking a budget to pay a website designer to do it right. I just let it slide for way too long.

One day while looking at some statistics for my Etsy, an advertisement caught my eye.  I clicked on it, basically it was a listing on Etsy for 1 page of website design.  This got me thinking... I started a bit of an Etsy search and found a local Portland woman and contacted her, asked her for a quote on making me a new site.

I like the idea of working with another creative entrepreneur, not necessarily an established website design business, but another person like myself that lives in Portland and is following her passion.  The concept is so much more about mutually beneficial business than just services rendered.

And wow - it worked!  I have a site that I love and it promotes my work in focus.

Martha J Baker is the name of the woman, and she is a great website architect.  Thank you Martha!