Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Question: Holiday Shows?

The question is this: Which holiday shows should I apply for?

What are the best Holiday Shows? Which shows do you go to?

Its that time of year and I thought it'd be handy to throw that question out there right now. A lot of people are asking me and I don't know what to tell ya. So far the UCU application is out and I just filled that out today. That is a great show, incredible opportunity. I also plan on applying to the Crafty Wonderland holiday show. That is where my list starts and ends. What else should I consider including?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Display Concept

I've been working on a new display idea... I painted some simple embroidery hoops (inexpensive round wooden frames) with glossy red acrylic paint and hung them on metal hooks, the idea being that I can suspend a mobile inside the red circle and make a cluster of these circles...
I figure I'll make one circle that has a sign and this will make the cluster a retail display. For now it just looks like a neat installation.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Rig for My Mobile Making

Today I had fun making mobiles and hanging them above my head - new home studio improvement - I bought this rig at IKEA that is meant for hanging clothes to dry, it goes up and down on pullies, and its perfect for me.
Before when I would make more than one mobile at a time, I would have to lay them flat after assembling, and then when I finished I would package them up but the pile would be tangled etc... PITA. Now I can hang them as I go - looks great too - a little forest of finished mobiles. And when I am not assembling mobiles I can raise the whole rig up to the ceiling where it is out the way. I love pullies.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sweet Corn Soup

I had a love affair years ago... the year was 2000, the location was Northern Thailand, the object of my affection: corn soup, a particular corn soup. Seriously. I still lust after the memory of this soup.

There's a restaurant in Chiang Mai where this corn soup is served only for lunch. At the time I was studying at the Traditional Medicine Hospital and I would spend my afternoons of class dreaming about this corn soup. I could only manage to get there if I rode with a friend who spoke Thai (otherwise the Tuk Tuks would drive you in circles to make the ride cost more and waste too much time) and/or a friend with a motorcycle - as I had to get to and from school within our short lunchtime. The ladies at the hospital made us thai lunches, so I was not starved by any means (awesome cooks, I loved the food at the school) - but this corn soup was so damn good, it was worth it.

Sometimes its the smallest pleasures that make the heart pitter patter.

No corn soup I have had ever since has lived up to the memory. I always try, whenever I see the option... always disappointed.

This soup was simple and golden. Definitely included a little coconut milk and was cooked to a smooth consistency with just a hint of corn niblits. It was just gorgeous, savory and sweet.

So this afternoon I attempted my own version (why did it take me 10 years? I dunno) and it was not the same, but pretty damn good. Both Tim and Tony loved it. As you can see from my empty bowl, I loved it as well
Ingredients: carmalized sweet onion, roasted garlic, roasted corn (cut off the cob after roasting and I also scraped the corn milk off the cob), chicken broth and coconut milk. I blended 1/2 the mixture to add smoothness...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Millions of Peaches

I had an itch to go out to Sauvie Island and pick some fruit, didn't really know what would be perfect - turns out its peach time right now! It was crazy awesome.
The smell is so insanely beautiful. The feeling of warm peach juice dripping down my chin... the soft dirt of the peach orchards... I had to share online here - if you were thinking about going, definitely do!!! These pictures are from Sauvie Island Farm - I took lots of shots (there are more on my flickr page) and at some point I found Tim relaxing under the trees in the grass. I really wish I could share the smell - the air smells so good in a ripe peach orchard!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Food Here

Tim and I checked out a new food cart cluster on SE Belmont (right by Movie Madness) - its called "Good Food Here" and there already is quite a yummy selection...
We tried the rib plate from Namu. Super yummy! The cucumber salad was delish, and there also was a good seaweed salad and kimchi and rice with peanut sauce - all this with the ribs!
And we had an Elvis sandwich from Rockabillies - also very yummy, it even came with a chocolate honey dipping sauce.
Portland is brimming with all these amazing food cart clusters. Skilled ambitious cooks with culinary degrees and small budgets, forging a new path for themselves by opening food carts. I think its a very interesting business model for a new generation of cooks. There are some hugely popular restaurants in Portland that started as food carts. Inspiration and proof that it can really work.