Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Tulip Pictures

I went and took a ka-zillion more pictures of tulips at the Wooden Tree Tulip Farm.
The farm was a-buzz with people and their fancy cameras and cute babies. I couldn't help myself from taking a few shots of all the other people taking pictures. The site of these millions of tulips all bloomed at once is just really fantastic. Rippling waves of bright colors. Nearly everything was full bloom (the black tulips seemed to be the last to burst, they still hadn't) and there were plenty of orange tulips for me to photo!Afterwards we drove out thru Silverton to Silver Springs Falls... such beautiful countryside, happy cows and many many farm fields. I think Silverton is one of the cutest little towns in Oregon, its just so darn quaint. Oh and the Falls are so incredible. We went for a short hike and I couldn't stop taking pictures of flowers, they were popping up everywhere! Its spring! My camera was not co-operating at the falls though, it simply did not want to focus properly on all the little bitty spring flowers. Frustrating. But I took some 200 pictures at the tulip farm, so it was all good. :)
I took a lot of pictures of the various orange tulips. yummy orange.There were a few frustration-with-the-camera moments... I am getting anxious to use my new camera (new TBA photography equipment... oooooh I can't wait to get a powerful camera in my hands!!! by the end of the week I might not be dreaming anymore!)
This yellow and purple shot was my favorite from the day. I like how silky the purple tulip looks against the fuzzy background of yellow. That farm (the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm) is simply amazing. Rolling fields of color. Made me feel like I was in Holland. Its the stuff dreams are made of!

If you are interested in seeing more pictures I took, check them out on flickr(click here)

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rosebud101 said...

Wow! Those tulip photos are wonderful! I can hardly wait to see the tulips bloom here. They still aren't out.