Sunday, April 17, 2011

my weekend...

I had a great weekend full of hikes and glass and spring flowers.

Friday Tim and I took off for Bagby Hotsprings and hiked out in the rain (it was really wet). I've been aching to get out into the woods - the rain couldn't stop me!
The primitive old site has received some serious renovations care of the Forest Service Job Corps Conservation Center. All the old rotting wood was removed and replaced; the bathhouses, the plumbing from the spring, the outhouses and the soaking tubs were all new. The place smelled of steaming hot cedar wood. Gorgeous.

There is nothing that I find more divine than soaking in natural hotsprings out in old growth forests with the pitter patter of cold rain on my face.
The next day I worked at home for a bit and found myself gazing out the window at my blooming flowers... so grabbed my camera and my ladder and went on a photoshoot.

My magnolia tree is in full form... the blossoms remind me of tea cups.
I got out my ceramic kid tea set to use as props in photos. Then I saw my next door neighbor's daughter playing out in the yard, so I invited her over for an impromptu tea party.
We drank imaginary tea, we ate the last few girlscout cookies that I had hidden in the freezer, and we made a mini mobile (she had one of my kits that she brought over to have me help her)
I had to take some pictures of this spontaneous fun. She thought it was pretty odd that we were drinking imaginary tea, but she totally approved when I busted out the thin mints. I really love how her mobile turned out! What a work of art! Its really fun to see how kids react to this kit and make such unique little sculptures.
Finally today, Sunday, I taught a bead making class to some happy ladies that all bought my Groupon coupon. Good stuff. We had a blast.
It was an early afternoon class, and good thing considering today it was full on beautiful outside. SUN! So I went home and sat under my magnolia tree with my computer and edited photos.

I took so many pictures in the last three days, I had to just put a slide-show here so you can see them if you'd like to... although I was a bit inept when making this slide-show, so it just goes on and on... stop it when you've had enough :)

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rosebud101 said...

What a wonderful weekend you had, Leah!!!! I just wish we had some spring! We are expecting 2-3 inches of snow tomorrow night! Yikes!