Monday, December 5, 2011

Urban Craft Uprising: promo from Behrens Films on Vimeo.

This past weekend I traveled up to Seattle, Washington for the Urban Craft Uprising holiday show.  Wow, what a show!

It was quite the marathon of a weekend.  My good friend Aimee came along and helped out.  First we stopped by the Laika Studio for a quick holiday show on Friday afternoon.  Literally it lasted 1 hour, it was the quickest craft show ever!  Then we drove up to Seattle and started setting up my booth display again (twice in one day - whew!).  A late night sushi dinner was all we could muster after this long day.  Saturday we woke up early and finished setting up for Urban Craft Uprising and then the doors opened at 11. Over the weekend 10,000 people came into this show.  It was awesome as usual.  So many appreciative customers.  So many mobiles will be shared throughout the Seattle surrounding area this holiday season.  I felt the love.   I am grateful.

Here's what my crafty display looked like

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Erin said...

love the new display!
people will so happy on x-mas when they open their mobile gifts!