Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nov 6th - Don building the exhaust

I can't seem to get off the topic - my studio is in upheaval! :) Here you can see Don working on the exhaust system for the torch set-up. Its awesome. Quite resourceful - an asset to the team!!! Andy came by today and built a wall - now the kilns have their own room. At the end of the day we fired up a whole bunch of glass. I leave to go out of town next week, so the pressure is on to settle the bits and pieces at the studio and get my butt in gear creating things. There are orders to fill, glass creations to make. But oh the chaos has been fun - and exhausting! Frankly people get grumpy after moving things for a week. Everyone has battle wounds, evidently gorilla glue does not come off hands, and all our backs are sore. Ahhh, moving.

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