Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Update on the Studio Re-Organizing

Nov 5th - Fusing Area
Originally uploaded by LeahPellegrini

I do not believe there is a single thing in this big ol' studio that has not been moved. Most things have been moved three and four times as they slowly are shuffled into their new position. One kiln sat outside for a while today, finally tonight around 8pm Don and I moved it back inside.

It blows my mind that every bit of whatnot in this place has been touched and moved around. Everything. And theres a lot of things.

The place is lookin' great! You'll have to come and visit next week - we're having our open house! Its hard to imagine how different it feels. I can't wait for all the shuffling to be done!

If you check out my Flickr account you can see more pictures of the studio and the remodel.

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