Friday, February 1, 2008

Picture Preference Poll

I want to start listing my rings online... the pictures have got to be fun and simple, creative... above is an old shot (black and white grayscale background) from years ago. I thought I'd fresh it up a bit and come up with a style I can consistently use to list these guys online for sale.

What do you think? Cast your vote please - I am curious! You can vote on the right hand side.

#1: Plain White Background

#2: Dramatic Spotlight Background

my brother thinks this looks like the ring is on stage performing

I got the tip for this technique from Loriola - an amazing member of the Etsy Glass Artists - pops like a magazine page!

#3: Colored background... the color could vary, I was thinking about trying out orange today to... but this gets the point across

#4: Action Shot

I am no hand model. And I didn't even get out my tripod for this one, so the other hand is holding the camera :)

But if this is popular I could work on better shots of this type of thing


Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

HI Leah,
As you know I love your rings. Owning one myself, I can attest to them being very pretty and comfortable.

I love your top photo in your blog with the multiple rings and that background. Also I've heard from jewelry sellers that they do best if they show an example shot of how the jewelry looks when worn. You could do just a stock photo for that one and use it as your number two or three photo.

Victoria said...

Hi Leah,

I really like the first photo.

Michael Dean AKA Protege said...

I like the first one, and you make a wonderful hand model.

Peter said...

I also like how the top photo looks. Boost the light and contrast a bit and I think it's great. Besides that, the plain white looks good (as I've already mentioned), and the last one could be good also (if you go closer in and have some nice light on it).