Saturday, February 2, 2008


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The rain here in Portland can get pretty intense. This morning after I woke up, there was a long moment of simply laying still and watching the rain come down. At an angle. Never stopping.

The exciting part is that its snowing up at any elevation around here. Lots of it! Snow shoeing the other day was a great excuse to go check it out (its been snowing hard for days) - avalanches are falling everywhere blocking highways faster than the plows can keep them clear. Pretty exciting stuff. Especially living down here in the valley where we are snow free. There is something sweet about not having to shovel my car out of the snow to pull out of a driveway.

Okay - so the picture - this is a mobile I make, I've been making it for years. It looks like a mobile of rain. Especially selling it here in Portland. And today as it rains outside I thought of this mobile and I wanted to share. There is one in my bedroom by a large long window.

The whole idea of letting go is something that I think about a lot. There is an Oshu Zen reading on this subject that visualizes letting go as dew drops falling off lotus leaves in the morning. Its a beautiful way of thinking about a difficult subject. So I made this mobile to decorate my space and twinkle from time to time to remind me that whatever I am letting go of is easy and beautiful and simply part of life, from the zen perspective. :)

The arches of the metal beams are symbolic of the gentle curves of leaves, and the little blue droplets I make are the dew drops. Its a beautiful little mobile. To read more about it, and see more pictures of it - go to

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