Thursday, April 10, 2008

Etsy shop experiment...

Okay, heres my own mini version of experimenting with Etsy:

- I have been taking a lot of shots (or trying my best to make the time to do so) and I think the shop is looking good. There is always room for improvement, and its fun to try. I like the idea of relisting old pieces with new photography. I lack the time management skillz to really take as many pictures as I would like!

Timing of listings - I noticed that many of my sales happen early in the morning (PDX time, so its east coast and international buyers - cuz I am talking pre-8am PST) so this morning I made a couple of listings, purposefully at that peak time, around 7am here. After 12 hours it had 32 hits, whereas the evening before I had made a listing and in almost 24 hours it had only made 16 hits.

Synopsis: according to this mini-data-set, listing early in the morning (pre 8am) will get twice as many hits in half the time.

Hm... that is worth making my listings late at night, saving the finish page url and then hitting finish early in the AM the next day. yeppers. I'll have to do that more often.

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