Monday, April 21, 2008

Standout Stampin' II

Standout Stampin' was such a hit, so here's another great stamp tip!

Years ago I bought this jewelers stamp (ordered it from Rio Grande) with my name on the tip. My original thought was making my own tags for necklaces, I like the not-so-perfect handmade look (I also like that the necklace is signed - I think its important to always sign artwork, even if its just a necklace).
However - what I realized is that I can literally sign my glasswork with this stamp!

As long as you keep the stamp out of the flame (and if it gets hot from contact with the glass, dip the metal stamp in water to cool it down), this metal stamp can be used to imprint your name, business logo, or some other simple signature into glass.

This picture is hard to read, but its the bottom of a drinking glass that I made, and I stamped the glass "LEAH". I love this. I only made these drinking glass for a couple of years and at first they were not signed, but the later batches were all signed LEAH, so it kind of dates them and adds value to their story. I think :)
Now I have used this glass to stamp all sorts of glass creations. One neat use that I don't have a picture of: I stamped small red puddles of glass with LEAH and then used these on a fused glass panel... the look was kind of like a wax stamp that people used to seal a letter shut. Sorry I don't have a picture. You'll have to use your imagination :)

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