Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fresh Fruit

Let me rave about a wonderful Etsy purchase that I received yesturday. This beautiful fruit colander is made by Lisa of BaileyBowls.etsy

The colander is smallish - rather than for straining pasta, this is perfect for rinsing and straining a pint of fresh berries. Then there is a little matching plate for it to sit on so it doesn't drip water everywhere. I love it. Its perfect.

Yesturday I went out to some farms with Tim. We found these cherry trees that were spilling over in ripe cherries. What a site! Tim climbed up a ladder and filled a whole box with perfect cherries in a matter of minutes. I wandered the farm a little bit and took a look at the magical trees. They were just so big and full of cherries!It was so lovely and relaxing sitting on the ladders and picking cherries. It was shaded and there was a breeze. Man oh man, picking raspberries and strawberries is killer on the ankles stooping down and the sun is so hot and sweaty for a pale skinned girl like me. So this cherry picking is amazing!I am going back later this week for Etsy Tea Time and picking more cherries. We made jam out of everything that we didn't eat. :) So now I need more!


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