Monday, August 9, 2010

Sweet Corn Soup

I had a love affair years ago... the year was 2000, the location was Northern Thailand, the object of my affection: corn soup, a particular corn soup. Seriously. I still lust after the memory of this soup.

There's a restaurant in Chiang Mai where this corn soup is served only for lunch. At the time I was studying at the Traditional Medicine Hospital and I would spend my afternoons of class dreaming about this corn soup. I could only manage to get there if I rode with a friend who spoke Thai (otherwise the Tuk Tuks would drive you in circles to make the ride cost more and waste too much time) and/or a friend with a motorcycle - as I had to get to and from school within our short lunchtime. The ladies at the hospital made us thai lunches, so I was not starved by any means (awesome cooks, I loved the food at the school) - but this corn soup was so damn good, it was worth it.

Sometimes its the smallest pleasures that make the heart pitter patter.

No corn soup I have had ever since has lived up to the memory. I always try, whenever I see the option... always disappointed.

This soup was simple and golden. Definitely included a little coconut milk and was cooked to a smooth consistency with just a hint of corn niblits. It was just gorgeous, savory and sweet.

So this afternoon I attempted my own version (why did it take me 10 years? I dunno) and it was not the same, but pretty damn good. Both Tim and Tony loved it. As you can see from my empty bowl, I loved it as well
Ingredients: carmalized sweet onion, roasted garlic, roasted corn (cut off the cob after roasting and I also scraped the corn milk off the cob), chicken broth and coconut milk. I blended 1/2 the mixture to add smoothness...

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