Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Food Here

Tim and I checked out a new food cart cluster on SE Belmont (right by Movie Madness) - its called "Good Food Here" and there already is quite a yummy selection...
We tried the rib plate from Namu. Super yummy! The cucumber salad was delish, and there also was a good seaweed salad and kimchi and rice with peanut sauce - all this with the ribs!
And we had an Elvis sandwich from Rockabillies - also very yummy, it even came with a chocolate honey dipping sauce.
Portland is brimming with all these amazing food cart clusters. Skilled ambitious cooks with culinary degrees and small budgets, forging a new path for themselves by opening food carts. I think its a very interesting business model for a new generation of cooks. There are some hugely popular restaurants in Portland that started as food carts. Inspiration and proof that it can really work.

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