Sunday, February 27, 2011


Okay Etsy sellers - do you know about Craftopolis?! I did not. Now I do. Now you do to.

I linked up my Etsy shop and my Google Analytics to this site and it came alive with info. Its hard to put words to how good it feels to look at Craftopolis and see that hundreds of people are looking and hearting my shop every day. Some days this month it has been thousands! What a pat on the back. I already knew this information, but somehow seeing it all laid out visually and politely made my eyes boggle. Somehow it all seemed so amazing. Makes me proud.

Go check it out for yourself. You do have to have your Google Analytics set up, but if you sell on Etsy and haven't done that yet, its a good thing to do.

Did I mention there is a "Batch Editing" function on Craftopolis. Oh yes. Batch editing (can you see me swooning). Say the cost of your materials goes up, log into craftopolis and you can adjust all your Etsy prices at once.

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