Tuesday, March 1, 2011

this made my day...

I was invited to brunch on Saturday with some friends from I Heart Art:Portland and two Etsy employees visiting from Brooklyn, NY.

I brought some little gifts to give the Etsy ladies: some little mini mobiles and glittered nutz for their bikes. Couldn't help myself, I love meeting Etsy people.

As I handed a mobile to Kimm Alfonso, Events Coordinator for Etsy.com, she looked up at me and exclaimed "I've bought from your shop!"

Honestly - how great is that! We really had no idea of the connection until she saw my little mobile. I love to be known by my work. Makes me proud. The shared smiles, its awesome.

Thanks Kimm! It was great meeting you in person! (photo courtesy of Kimm Alfonso's facebook)

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Erin said...

cute story and super duper cute hair! i've been meaning to ask if you liked your hair appointment...