Monday, May 9, 2011

Moss Ball Planters

Spring has sprung. I saw these plants in moss pots in a store recently (at Artemisia in SE Portland) and I was inspired!

Anything round and ball shaped seems to excite me, combined with moss and cute plants - I swooned upon sight.
These two moss ball planters I made myself. It was a fun DIY project. Tim's birthday is coming up soon - so far I have managed to hide these from him. Hope he likes em'!

  • a plant (or a clipping as seen in the first picture)
  • some sheet moss (live moss, you can buy it this way, if you get it out of your yard it will have bugs. So just buy it and it'll be bug free. I happened to notice some animal pried up moss in my yard and ate all the bugs out of it, so I grabbed it the next day for this crafty project! How convenient eh?! If you'd like to buy some, they sell the moss at Artemisia and if you want to buy it online Im pretty sure you can on Ebay)
  • potting soil
  • twine
  • nursery wire (smallest gauge possible), the green flexible wire for guiding plants
How to:
  1. wet soil and compress into a ball
  2. wrap the ball of dirt in twine to hold it together
  3. wrap the ball of dirt in the sheet moss
  4. use the wire to hold the moss onto the dirt, keep wrapping until the moss is secure
  5. make a hole where you want to insert the plant (I used my fingers to do this)
  6. put plant in the hole
  7. sit the ball on some sort of plate as the moisture can seep thru the moss

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Naomi said...

Amazing!!!!! I love it!