Monday, March 31, 2008

Standout Stampin'!

I just received my new stamp from OfficialInitial on and I am stamping all my boxes. No more wasted stickers - now I am stamp-tastic!

The idea of a custom stamp with my business logo is just sheer potential in this crafti-maddness revolution. There are so many things I plan on stamping: boxes, tissue, sticker paper, thank you cards, letters, jeez I am eager to find things to stamp. I can stamp people's hands so they go home and want to check out my website :)

Gorilla marketing with a rubber stamp. Make your business stand out by stamping the world with your logo and website - I love it!


Anonymous said...

You rock.
That is one heck of a great idea ( now why didn't I think of that?) to save on glue and sticker paper and $$ of course and just stamp it on.
I might have to steal that idea myself.

Thank you!

Lisa said...

I LOVE it. Think it's absolutely wonderful. And gorgeous. Don't forget to change the colors for seasons and holidays, and who knows what else.

You rock!

LeaKarts said...

That is so awesome! I love making little stamps, but I wish I knew how to make REAL rubber stamps.