Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Portland Saturday Market Site

Okay, I got my butt kicked by mother nature today. For realz.
This picture shows how the weather man was so wrong - it was supposed to rain all day, but the clouds burned away and it was beautiful. For a few hours.

Then it got cloudy and cold and in a matter of moments all hell broke loose and suddenly I found myself clinging to my booth (that seemed more like a ship sail than a protective booth) as the rain and thunder and lightning and HAIL came horizontally down and straight into me. My glass mobiles were fine, they could care less that it was raining and crazy... but all my packages and labels and paper signs got ruined. And I became a cold soggy mess. I am going back tomorrow (glutton for punishment?) so tonight I have to repackage things and print new signs. ug.

Big shout-out THANK YOU goes out to Aimee and Mike who helped hold down my booth during the storm. I think I might have blown away and suffered miserably without you guys.
Other than the terrible afternoon storm, the real news of the day was that the new site is absolutely beautiful. And my booth choice proved its point, there were photographers from all walks of life taking pictures of the new site and my red LeahGlass sign will be in many of those pictures. That was my plan, and it worked.

But the weather really kicked my ass and now I am tired and grumpy. If you were wondering why I was so nervous about my new spot, today prooved to me why I was feeling so anxious. I am very vulnerable and exposed up there in front of the market. If mother nature feels spiteful, I am poised for a beating with nothing to protect me. Ug.

On a last final note, as I was taking down my wet self this evening, the rain stopped and there was a beautiful rainbow. My neighbor's 8 year old son proclaimed "Theres a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow!!"


aimee said...

A DOUBLE rainbow, no less! Awesome!

(You left out the part of the story where WHILE you were hanging onto the tent in the storm, you were wishing for your camera... heehee!)

Glad we were there to help! If the day had gone according to my original plan, we'd have been and gone before the storm hit, and you'd have been flown out into the river! ;)

Mary Pellegrini said...

Wow, wish I had been there to help you! The new site looks very very nice and I'm glad you are in front, except once the news flash dies down you might like to be under shelter some how. Doesn't look like there really is any shelter tho.

Leah said...

hehe :) you are so right!

Aimee - you know if I had three arms and more dexterity I would have taken pictures of that storm hitting us like an ocean wave! And yes I am SO GLAD you were there to hold me down!

Mom - I totally agree that once the media hype has simmered down I may look to change spots and go under cover... that would be wise!

LeaKarts said...

Your booth looks awesome up there! I'll have to come see it in person soon :) I was thinking about you yesterday during that storm, omg it was crazy! I'm glad all of your mobiles made it through at least.