Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sauvie Island Strawberry Picking

I went to Sauvie Island today to pick strawberries.
warm from the sun, delicious sweet strawberries... yummmmmm.most of them were green still, seems this year everything is 2 weeks late
but there were plenty to nibble and praiseKruger's Farm now has animals :)
there was a fat pregnant pig sleeping in a barnand chickens running aroundwhat a cute funny looking chick eh?!There were peonies blooming in a fieldI took lots of pictures of the round buds just ready to burstI find the round shape of the peony bud to be so amazingly gorgeous. I love the way it unfurls to become this sweet sultry perfumed huge flower. They are amazing. The bugs seemed to agree, in many of my pictures there were flies or ants or bees hanging out on the buds.


gemz said...

Missed it! Looks like a blast. I'm there next time!

Kinman Studios said...

I wonder if that mystery chick is actually a turkey chick?

Leah said...

hmmm turkey chick... it does sorta look like a turkey :)