Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Bit of Shopping at the Portland Saturday Market

Sunday I did a bit of shopping at the Portland Saturday Market :)

First of all I must admit that I cannot resist the chocolates treats from Wildsweets Chocolate Factory. This booth sits right across from Erin and Naomi's booths... its a constant temptation. I purchased some dark chocolate with hazelnuts and also penuche fudge. Yum yum yummy. No picture. Tim polished it all off. I helped. It was gone very quickly.
I bought some Mug Mugs for Tim and his dad... they are big fans of face mugs and there was a returning 2nd generation artist at the market with a great selection of mugs and plant pots (pot heads). 2 for $25 - I will have to go back for more this holiday season!

Arm warmers for myself that I've been wearing ever since - so many of my shirts are 3/4 length... cute, but my wrists get cold. Not anymore! I got these from Tease Recyclewear. My brother went back and bought himself a pair, he was jealous :) They cost only $15 and each pair is unique, they all have thumb holes, but different patterns (recycled tees) and different shapes and sizes for all types of arms.

Then I found these awesome crayons that I purchased for my cousin's baby shower that I'm going to next week. They come all packaged in a little egg carton thing... oooh I simply swooned at their cuteness and bought a set. KittyBabyLove

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Naomi said...

Sweet finds! I have to check out those crayons! Momma like;)