Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wow it was rainy in Portland today

No big shocker, it rained today. Honestly though, it rained hard! Florida big fat drops (and lots of them) kinda rain, not Pacific NW drizzly stuff... although it drizzled for a good part of the day too... but the dramatic stuff was the dark gray clouds blowing around and occasional drenching down pour. The weird part was the sun came out many times today. It would get bright and sunshiney (a little blinding with everything so wet) and warm. I kept taking off layers, putting them back on, taking them back off... you get the idea :)
So my day at the market was pretty damn wet. Nothing like sitting in a tent in waterfront park as big rain storms blow in and out of the city. Its sorta beautiful listening to the rain, and with all my new weights and seam-sealer (which worked pretty well - would have worked better if I actually had sealed the entire seams, I didn't do the entire length of each seam, I am too short to reach the inside of the top of the peak - so it leaked in the middle, but not around the sides where me and my stuff sits - over all I had 90%less dripping in my booth!) I was well prepared for the weather. However - it was so much rain! It kept accumulating in my canopy top - which is like a waterfall when emptied. I had to empty the top at least every 20 minutes while it was raining. This kept me in my booth! Everyone kept making fun of me that I was actually in my booth all day.

This is a video of what it looked like when I would empty a puddle out of my canopy top:

Fortunately there are always customers at the PSM. So it was a nice day. I think the rain in Portland is pretty. I am completely exhausted now though. Thoroughly tired.


Erin said...

Love the video- that noise of dumping the rain off your booth will always remind me of fall at the market

rosebud101 said...

Oh, my, that was a lot of rain! Wow!