Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 16: Life Without Laptop

Life without my laptop is not so fun.

The Withdrawal:
It hurts. It is depressing how often I cannot get done what is on my mind, be it an email or contacting a customer or working with pictures of my recent work and getting things out there into the world, for sale and for publicity... I can occasionally check my email on various computers, but I try to keep it brief. Honestly it can take 1-2hours to simply check my email. This I know now, because its been 16 days since I was able to just hang out with my computer and remain on top of things. Frankly, even blogging takes some time, and I feel odd doing it on someone else's computer.

I cannot research things, I cannot watch videos instantly on my Netflix, I cannot peruse other people's blogs, I cannot work on paperwork, let alone advertising and accounting. I've completed a handful of show applications during this bruhaha - and oh let me tell you how much fun that was! I used my brother's computer to sit and take the hours to complete these online applications (why is it never easy!!) and my flickr account to procure pictures for the online applications and the motivation of a good friend to get the fire lit under my ass. The aftermath of this BS has left me lacking in motivation. But in the last few weeks I've applied for the OGG show, the Fremont Festival, the Salem Art Festival and the Local14 show.

So rest assured - I have had plenty of time to get things done in the last couple weeks... and I've been trying my best to take advantage of it, taking lots of pictures and teaching classes and doing prep-work (what better to do with idle hands - prep work! for me this means, cutting wires, making o-rings, making earrings... etc). But I also have had some down days of just chilling in my frustration.

I am addicted to having a computer. Its definitely a sense of withdrawal not having it. I feel a great sense of loss, anger and frustration. My fuse is very short lately. Very much so. The mood swings are unsavory and I generally am suffering from computer loss depression.

On Day 3 it all sunk in and I broke, realizing all the data that is lost. Oh it makes me sad and mad that I hadn't finished my new back-up plans. Have I mentioned that my thumbdrive with all my backups was in the computer bag with the laptop when it got stolen. I have a new external mega hard-drive that I had begun to back things up onto, but I had only completed my image files.

Its Day 16 now. I am in disbelief. If I weren't a poor artist I would just go out to BestBuy or some mega chain and purchase a laptop. Unfortunately this is not an option at the moment. I already bought this Dell deal(my stolen computer was on a payment plan that was $150 away from being finished paying off - after hours on the phone with Dell's customer service, I learned that I have to finish paying that off. I bought another computer thru Dell because they are cheap and I don't have the extra savings right now to buy a new computer - the payment plan will simply continue). So I am trying to be patient. Miserably failing at patience.

Seriously, sixteen days. Sometimes when I go on a small vacation I consider not bringing my laptop. But honestly, it just doesn't happen. So the thought has occurred to me (on a daily basis) that this experience might be good for me - or at least an interesting experience! Thus this blog entry. I am holding my breath that maybe the new laptop will arrive early (like today, tomorrow, puhlease!!!) and I thought I'd record my thoughts while I am still lost in the delirium.

I still have to wait 3 more till it supposedly arrives!!!

While waiting for my new laptop to arrive, I've received 2 emails now simply stating that shipment has been delayed. WTF. Tim also ordered a new laptop thru Dell on the same day, after I had completed my purchase. His computer arrived today. WTF. The picture at the top of this email is from his computer arriving. Oh yes, I am bitter. When my computer finally does arrive I am for sure calling Dell and demanding a refund for this "expedited shipping". hmph.

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