Friday, February 5, 2010

Etsy Tea Party

When: Feb 11th at 11am
Hosted by: Judi aka CurlyGirl
What: Etsy Tea Time - a place to chit chat about Etsy with fellow local sellers
Where: check out the PDXEtsy forum for her address and more deets I love tea parties. I love tea. I drink it all day! Etsy Tea Time started years ago as a way to meet other local sellers and help potential sellers get in the game. Its simple networking, but more-so its a chance to sit around and drink tea and chit chat about Etsy! Tim can only stand so much Etsy talk... he pretends to listen, but I know it must bore the crap out of him. So Tea Time has served as a great venue for this chit chat.

And there is so much to talk about lately! The crappy economy and how to boost our sales, the changes Etsy is going thru with Rob returning, and the upcoming local event I Heart Art Portland....

so if you are local and you are a seller on Etsy and you happen to be available on Thursday around 11am - come over to Judi's and chit chat with us! I'll be there!


Curly Girl Glass said...

I'll be there too!

Leah said...

:) Koko will be too :)

want me to bring tea or pie or sumthing?