Thursday, October 21, 2010

Clear Reactive Glass Fun

I made myself a bowl. Perhaps for ice-cream or cereal... or beans and rice... last night it held Tim's keys and wallet.

Recipe for the bowl: one circle of clear reactive glass, one circle of clear glass (on bottom) and a pile of little colored strings of glass on top.
This is what it looked like before firing. I wanted to be sure the little strings didn't disappear after firing, so I used the clear reactive glass. Some of the colors have a chemical reaction with this glass causing brown lines, some of the blue, purple and green glass strings reacted... turned out really neat!
I made myself this bowl because I was cleaning out some stuff in my studio and I found a container of little colored stringers waiting to be made into something neat. The stringers originated when I made a bunch of dots to make these Christmas tree ornaments (see below) using a torch and when the little gather of glass gets hot and falls off the rod a little string that connects the two falls as well. I kept the strings because there were so many and I thought they had potential. Then I forgot about them! Years later they became my new bowl!

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rosebud101 said...

Great bowl, Leah! How creative, too!