Friday, October 29, 2010

I Challenged Myself Today

Usually I say no, its easier that way. People come to me with tear jerking stories of their broken glass trinkets (that I did not make) that hold so much sentimental feelings, they are looking for someone to fix it or replace it. I have a strict policy of saying no. It is the best answer for 3 good reasons:
1. because many times these pieces just cannot be fixed
2. incompatible glasses - I never know what type of glass something is made of, so I cannot really get it hot and add anything, as this would inevitably make it fall apart even more
3. I really have no interest in fixing something someone else has made.
If people are really persistent I educate them on what they can do at home with some Epoxy or UV glue. Or at least thats what happens when I am feeling sassy!

With all that said... a few days ago a nice woman named Judy called and asked to have a small glass figurine remade for her. I called her back and we spoke for a bit, seemed like something I could reasonably do. Against my normal policy - I said Yes! Yep, I broke my own business rule and I said Yes and made an appointment for her to come in and today was the day.

Judy brought me this tiny little glass antelope. Its one of a family of these little guys and they are all symbolic for her, a gift from her daughter-in-law and simply a small treasure that she holds close to her heart. The littlest antelope had broken (into a zillion pieces) - so I remade him! In the pictures the one I made is in front on the right.
It was a challenge, I enjoyed that. I made the head first and the body I actually did twice before I really liked it. Lastly I made the antlers and damn that was finicky! I could have done better, but its a pretty good try and Judy was pleased. It was really fun to make. And Judy was a sweetheart. In the end I was really happy I said yes. Not that I'll be doing it again any time soon (honestly people ask me this all the time at the Portland Saturday Market, at least once a weekend) and I know I could make a little money occasionally if I did this, and I know I am capable of this kind of torchworking, but I just don't want to. Refer to the above listed 3 Good Reasons to Say No.


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nice work leah! ugh, i agree with you about repairs... i just started saying no... and it feels good!