Friday, December 17, 2010

For Sale on Etsy

I finally listed some of my glass globes with plants on Etsy - get em' while they are there! I will get them to you by Christmas if you act fast.

These little beauties will ship well, they all are USPS friendly and ready to go. Although I am not shipping them over any international boarders, my apologies, yes I know they are sooo super cute and you'd love to get one as a gift for your friend or loved one, and yes I LOVE shipping my artwork to Canada and overseas... however, I just don't know what the rules are for shipping plant life internationally and so I am not going to go there. Domestic shipping only.

FREE SHIPPING to all US customers for these little wonders (there are only 5 listed in my shop right now, so its a limited offer!)

1 comment:

rosebud101 said...

I'm thrilled! I just bought one of your little terrariums! Wooohooo!