Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pancakes Please

For all my Portland friends: go eat at Slappy Cakes. Seriously. The place makes me smile. I like it there. Let me tell you why :)
1. the decor is all orange
2. you get to play with your food
3. its very tasty (they offer a lot of food besides the DIY pancakes)

I highly recommended Slappy Cakes on SE Belmont in Portland Oregon

ps. I also love the paintings of pancakes on the wall. They are wonderful.


Erin said...

so fun! hmmmnnn... wonder if orson would sit still and not touch the griddle. maybe i better get a babysitter :)

SisterDG said...

Holy Moly! How cool is this! Thanks so much for posting - I'd have never known it was there otherwise.