Monday, December 6, 2010


This blog post is really just an excuse for me to pour longingly over these photos of my Tiniest Terrariums. I took them Thursday night as I was prepping for the show. I knew I wanted to capture their loveliness before they all flew the coop!
The airplants are a new addition to these little glass worlds. I LOVE this creation. I must make more.
These are some of the terrariums I sold this weekend at Urban Craft Uprising - I hope the lucky recipients of these treasures will love them as I have. They are sooo cute, they make me smile.
This one just makes me gasp - cute is the only word I have to describe it.
Seriously beautiful.
Enchanting. I love this little chick in a little vase. I must make more of these...

This one above I thought was sorta funny, the vase flopped out on the top in ways I hadn't really intended. But somehow its lovely in its wonkiness, especially with the strands of pearls cascading over the wobbly edge. And now its being given as a gift to someone. That makes me smile.
I LOVE this one above... its the simplest of them all, but for some reason I just love it. All the round shapes, of the vessel, the peas, the hole...
This shape was the only one I made like this, I must make more, its sorta a stretch fat tiny droplet shape, with the peas cramming themselves out of the hole. I love it.
this one (above) the little "chicks n' hens" has a small tiny baby attached to it, can you see it? Oh how these make me swoon!
This shape I took a pair of shears to the hot little vessel and cut the little slit, then I pulled the two pieces down to make the "shirt collar" look. *love*
Its hard to tell from this photo, but I put a little pour spout look on the top of the vase, so it looks like the plant is pouring out of the tiny mini terrarium.
The shapes of the little wisps of new plants coming out of the hole is just so delicious.
The "String of Pearls" plant (aka Senecio herreanus) is such a proud plant. It likes sun, but not directly sunlight, it likes water, but it prefers to go dry between waterings. Looks like jewelry made of peas to me.
This was just a silly little vessel with two bulbs. It found a good home. She came back for it, leave the show without it. Gotta love that!
Hope you enjoyed looking at these photos with me. I certainly did! These are just such a pleasure for me. I am exhausted from this past long weekend, but looking forward to getting my second wind. The holiday season is far from over!

If you are interested in purchasing one of my tiniest terrariums - I will be bringing them with me and my mobiles to Crafty Wonderland this weekend, and you can also purchase them at Splurge in NE Portland.


Pink Tree Studio said...

I know which one I want :~)

Jonathan said...

The Poe knows which one he wants too....

Erin said...

so sweet!