Monday, September 22, 2008

The Garden of Leah is 1yr Old!

Show a little love for the ol' Garden of Leah!

In celebration, I am doing a garden give-away this week. The winner will be announced on Friday. (the big Tri-Pod give away is still going on thru the end of the month, if you know anyone that needs a tri-pod to improve their photography, don't forget to enter!)

My first blog entries were on Sept 19th of 2007. So this past weekend was "the Garden of Leah"'s first anniversary. My goodness. Can't believe its been a year. I took the time last night to read thru my last year of blog entries and it was such fun!

I am doing a poll - did one last year, gave a little mobi away, the whole sha-bang was very popular - so I am doing it again, this time with an even better prize!

Heres the poll:

Which is your favorite ol' blog entry:
I've provided some choices to make it easy - although if you have a different favorite, leave that as a comment and you will be officially entered to win the prize

1. Standout Stampin'!
2. Glass Fishies
3. My Etsy Packaging for Shipping
4. Amateur Photography
5. Woops!
6. Photos, lots of them
7. PSM 2008 Day 1
8. Design Sponge Biz Lady Meetup
9. Making Glass Coils
10. Glassworks Tour

And heres the prize: some glass circles - you can hang them in your garden or make art out of them, or do whatever you please. I will send them to one lucky winner. This will be a quick celebration - I'll announce the winner at the end of the week.

Remember - post a comment to have a chance to win the prize - and vote in the poll (on the right of the screen)


LeaKarts said...

I voted :) Glass fishies has to be my favorite--the cute little video cracked me up!

Leah said...

Aimee rocks - that was a good one!

Thanks Lea!

Lisa said...

My favorite post was when you announced the Glass Chakras in your Etsy shop. I stare at them longingly. :O)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Leah Blog! I voted for your etsy packaging... such a cute video! You're so sweet & generous to your customers.
love ya!

Anonymous said...

I voted for woops... Its so cute that you were a little computer geek back when computers were still cool.

Leah said...

its fun to read what people have enjoyed!

Thanks everybody for commenting!

aimee said...

My favorite... hrmmm. The glass curlies one, because we had so much fun making the video!!