Monday, August 18, 2008


My website is back up! And my email works again :)

Apologies to anyone who tried to email unsuccessfully... my bad entirely.

I woke up this morning and realized I was down. Completely, no email, no website ( sheesh. Dotster has been emailing me for months telling me my domain name was going to expire, I knew it was coming, but I am in transition to goDaddy, and between sheer procrastination and ineptitude, topped with a strong resistance to picking up the phone (even if it means solving my problems) my website expired, which shut down my email as well. Oh how I roll my eyes at myself. Here I am still paying for hosting, and I already paid for a website domain name transfer, but yet my sh*t is down and I felt so stupid. One phone call this morning got it all worked out, no problem. Good customer support over there at GoDaddy. I must say - top notch.

A little back info on the story: I manage and create my website myself. Oh I don't necessarily do a goood job, but the fact remains, up to date I have always done it myself. And I am now in a period of transition... got a little awkward there for a couple of days evidently. I am sweet-talking my brother to possibly take over the website design work - won't that be sweet! But for now - I am just happy to be getting emails again and having a website that works.

heres a picture of me and my big brother back in 1983 in Cleveland Ohio.

It makes me laugh that back in the day, in the early 90's I was a little kid computer dork. I went to a computer camp in the summer. Me and my friend Cristina were the only girls in the whole camp. One year we were counselors. My brother and father would make computers in the basement and I was logged online thru the local college in Cleveland back when internet connections were established by putting the phone on rubber cups. I really used to consider myself pretty knowledgeable with computers, not anything amazing, but somewhat impressive background. Well its been decades now and I move like a turtle in a world where the progression of computer and internet technology improvement has evolved like a rabbit. So now I am soooo ignorant and incompetent with computers and web design. But I make do. I know how to use Dreamweaver to some extent. I can read the html to some extent... but for years I have been using very simple software from Yahoo that has enabled me to create my own website extremely simply. I definitely recommend Yahoo for anyone that doesn't know how to make their own website, but wants to do it themselves. Its so easy, its great for kids too. Gives you lots of statistics and bar graphs and whatnot. I like that. I am switching to GoDaddy though, I am stepping up to the challenge, with my big brother's help :)

just a little hic-cup. woops. my bad. hopefully no one noticed :)

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