Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Glassworks Tour

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Today I took a small group on a tour of the Northstar Glassworks factory in Tigard (just south of Portland Oregon).

Abe and Nancy welcomed us with open arms and gave a great tour. Thank You!

We got to see where they make the furnaces and the chemistry behind the mixing of the glass - and then the most fun for me:

the hot furnaces full of beautiful colors!

Northstar Glassworks makes some of my favorite colors in borosilicate glass rods. Blue Moon and Amber Purple (both amazing colors!) were a hit on the tour. We watched as a hot batch of Blue Moon became rods, and Amber Purple is always a super star!

The glass manufactoring in Portland, Oregon is truly amazing. Northstar is one of 4 companies that produce colored glass materials here in town. Portland is a glass town - and I LOVE living here!

They take a hot pot of colored glass, stick a rod of clear glass down into the surface, pull up and out and a trail of hot color will follow, the glass is pulled out (carefully adjusting the height of the rollers to control the diameter of the rod) in one continuous trail of hot yumminess, until the bottom of the pot has been reached.

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