Friday, March 28, 2008

Photos, lots of them

I have been taking a lot of photos lately. I'm very inspired by this team of amazing glass artists that I am part of, the EGA (Etsy Glass Artists). They all sell on Etsy and some of them have been experimenting with techniques to increase sales - and they have been finding great success! The experiments focus mainly on listing very often (some of which is "renewing" but a good deal involves a lot of new product which to me screams a LOT of new photography and digital editing) and then taking really great pictures.

Ah photography... if anyone has ever checked out my flickr site you can tell I play around a lot with my amateur photos trying to capture what my glass creations look like. Its fun. The more I take, the better they get.

I recently took new shots of a favorite piece of mine that is for sale on Etsy - and I thought about some advice I read on the EGA forum for choosing the 5 pictures to use. The indecision kills me, I take sooo many shots to get a few that I like.

Susan Sheehan ( had this great advice - any Etsy sellers out there check this out: think about your 5 pictures in each listing the following way
"Grab their attention with an artsy shot.

Offer it as if they saw it for the first time in a show display.

Pretend they have picked it up, and turned it over. (c'mon we all do it)

Offer a close up.

Offer any other view you can think of."

I love this advice! I totally touch things in the retail environment, and its a fun challenge to use my photography to offer a digital tactile experience :)


Lis said...

I've been loving this challenge. Susan has some great advice. Your new photos are awesome, by the way.

shoozles said...

It has really made me think about what the customer is looking at- great article Leah and thanks Susan. I may blog about this too. the tips are great :)

LeaKarts said...

I have always loved your photos, Leah; your mobiles are pretty enough to eat! :)