Monday, September 15, 2008

Tool o' the Day: Tripod

If you are crafty and interested in selling your own work, or you already do sell your artwork online, photography is a must, and DIY photography requires a few tools. One of the most important things to have for good pictures is a handy dandy Tripod. The tripod will allow the camera to capture more detail and crispness, which looks very pleasing to the eye. Better pictures = more sales online.This tripod (not the garden hose - its just a prop) could be yours!

It spins, it swivels, it will be many different heights, its simply an all around great tripod. Good for most any camera, includes the screw fixture that holds your camera to the tripod, easy to use.

Rather than buy one - why not win one!

Here are the contest details: All you have to do is blog about me and my blog (or this contest specifically, either is fine with me) and put a link in the comments here. At the end of the month (its Sept 15th now - so in 15 days on Sept 30th 2008) I will choose a winner and email you to get an addy - I will send you this tripod free of charge.

I believe what comes around goes around, and good photography is a must - so hey - join the fun - try and win this tripod. Even if you already have one - you could give it away to a friend in need :)

This give-away is part of what I hope to be a more regular effort to do fun free give-aways on a semi-regular basis on my blog. So stay tuned and spread the word!



Krista said...

Did you mean to post August, or September?

Krista said...

Well, on the off chance that you did mean September, here's my entry:

FYI, I found your blog on Etsy, so hello!

Leah said...

Thanks Krista - looks great - you are officially entered into the contest

thanks for pointing out my goof!

Jan Reuther said...

You'll have to see my blog tonight to see what a coincidence your blog is!

Jan Reuther

Leah said...

Awesome Jan - you went above and beyond!

Lisa said...

Oh, how exciting. Thanks for the chance to win. I blogged about you. :O) Again.