Monday, October 29, 2007

4 Uses of a Shop Vac

This weekend the Portland Crew had brought air mattresses with us to sleep on in the labs in NY... on Friday night Amy missed her train to Boston and ended up sleepin' over at the spot with a few of us - we had plenty of airmattresses for her to use but no functional pumps to blow them up with (snafus - one of them had no batteries, the other was dead...) so we tried the ever-handy ShopVac. Dang this worked well! This picture was taken in the moment, it took all of one moment for the mattress to become completely inflated. Awesome, if I say so myself :)

And earlier that evening we had learned 3 other new uses for the ShopVac from our other fellow NW invaders of the EtsyLabs - Majestic. They made this video about their favorite non-conventional uses of the ShopVac - and man this video makes me laugh! Check it out:

So there ya go - 4 new brilliant uses for the ShopVac:
1. Foam Party
2. Confetti Blower
3. Sky Guy
4. Instant Air Mattress Inflation

who said you have to clean with a ShopVac :)

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