Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good Stuff

I like skin glue.

4 of my fingers have fresh new cuts on them (little ones - I was cutting glass today) Skin Glue is my product of choice.

The stuff is great - seals those pesky glass cuts right up - no more bleeding - just like a band-aid BUT EVEN BETTER! With skin glue on you can wash your hands and take a shower, etc. You can even use skin glue to paste down painful catching hang-nails.

Skin Glue saved me some stitches once when some glass I was holding shattered and a large sharp piece severed that little web of skin between my thumb and index-finger. I held myself together, glue my hand back up - and it was totally healed in about a week. Amazing.

Its super glue - in a different package - and the marketing works for me. I wouldn't superglue a cut back together - but I would use Skin Glue anytime!


Rebecca said...

I used that one a cut between my fingers once. It was deeper than I thought. I almost passed out from the pain. It has alcohol and acetone in it! Talk about painful!!! I use it all the time for smaller cuts but YIKES not for anything deep ever again.

Leah said...

yeah... kinda stings :)