Monday, October 15, 2007

Wedding Mobile Part II

These mobiles are a collaboration with my friend Aimee.

She made the glass, I assembled the mobiles.

The glass pieces were made by picking thru my scrap pieces and collecting up bits of certain colors, and then fusing flat sheets of those colors. Some friends of Aimee's are getting married this weekend and these two mobiles will be for them. Cool tones for the husband, warm tones for the wife.

Aimee has been helping me out at the shop, one of the jobs she has been tackling is my scrap glass - going thru it and sorting the colors, separating it by size and shape. It was fun to then take the left-over tiny scrap pieces and melt them into sheets of beautiful warm and cool colors. The shapes, circles and triangles, were then cut out of the flat sheets of melted color.

Aimee and I agree that they turned out great! Theres more pictures of em' on my flickr account.

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Recy Vintage & Creations said...

These are so beautiful! Love the red-toned one!


Karen Beth :)