Thursday, May 8, 2008

Part II: Making Frit

if you missed Part I of making frit using a coffee grinder - click here

Part II continues with a sample for your viewing pleasure. This plate is a test fire using the frit that I created. I wrote "Rod Scrap" on one side of the glass with Elmers glue and made a smear in the middle of the plate as well, then I applied the frit made from scraps of rod. Then I turned the plate around and repeated this process with the frit made from scrap flat glass writing "broken" with the glue and applying as much as the frit as would stick.

Honestly I was most curious how crappy the multi-colored frit would look after firing due to the sheer amount of plastic that the glass chunks absorbed from the coffee grinder... in the end I think it looks pretty good.
Not rocket science or nuthin... I should have timed how long I pulsed the coffee grinder... you can tell from the pictures that the rod scrap was ground up much longer... regardless it was interesting and pretty darned successful and there ya go - frit from scrap using an old coffee grinder - it works!


Anonymous said...

I use an old blender (glass) and it works great. Just an idea.

Leah said...

sweet! that would work great - same idea in using the old kitchen appliance!