Monday, May 12, 2008

Up-side-down Tomatoes

Today I gardened. Okay, so I don't have a garden, that would require a more focused attention and a green thumb. I do not have a green thumb. But I LOVE orange cherry tomatoes ("Sungold Cherry Tomatoes") and I grow them up-side-down. And today I went out and got my hands dirty doing this gardening.

Heres how I did it: I bought a 2 really healthy organic tomato starters from my local nursery. The hanging pots were pre-prepared with enlarged holes in the bottem that I cut with one of those drill bits that cuts a hold 1 1/2" in diameter. I took the plant and wrapped a piece of stiff paper around it like a tube and then akwardly shoved the plant thru the hole (dropping the up-side-down pot over the wrapped up pot works best) and then remove the paper and pull any remaining branches of the plant thru the hole. I then filled the pot with good dirt and I put some flowers on top to look pretty. Oh and I watered it a bunch.

The plants really end up flourishing - they seem to be able to soak up so much more moisture and nutrients by being below the roots. Last year I did this and I was so impressed by the results. This year I am going to chronicle the process and post my pictures.

The first plant got pretty mangled (by me) trying to get it thru the hole (pictured above to the left) - however the second plant I had my act together and it survived the transfer much healthier. (pictured below) Although I'll bet they both will do really well.

Also the flowers on top of the pots is a new experiment. Tim thinks its a bad idea. Me personally, I am going for it. Last year it seemed that the roots stayed low in the pot (even when the plant got huge!) so I planted little plants that the roots will stay high in the soil and I don't think the two will compete for nutrients. And it looks so cute!

I want to get one of those composter worm bins for my kitchen to feed my tomatoes with now!


shoozles said...

I need to tell my mom about this she love tomatoes but doesn't have a good place to grow them.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea! Great project for my kids~they'll think it's so cool!