Thursday, May 8, 2008

Perfect Cup

Stumptown coffee. Its been getting me thru this rainy cold spring here in Portland. Mostly I maintain life drinking simply tea. But lately I've been indulging in a lot of Stumpy. And oh its soooo good.
Yesterday I took the day off to drive out to the beach and go on a long (vertical) hike. The Oregon coast is so amazing!! Yes its grey and rainy, but regardless, we drank some Stumptown coffee and headed out to Ecola State Park in Cannon Beach. The hike to Indian Beach goes up a cliff in old ever-changing forests to an old camp site. There were enchanting wooden cabins and a picnic area about 1 1/4 mile hike in and then as you approach the cliff overlooking the ocean there were the old relics of gun bunkers from WWII. All overgrown with mud, trees and ferns - these concrete tunnels were very strange indeed! The whole hike was amazing (although did I mention it was vertical and we kept up a quick pace the whole time - so it was good exercise!) the trees and ferns are so huge. Look at this Sitka tree with the ferns growing up on the branches!


LeaKarts said...

Stumptown is truly crack for those of us subjected to long bouts of dreary! Just looking at that beautiful cup makes me drool a little bit....oops, did I just say that out loud?!?

Your hike looks amazing--I need to get out and do that more this year.

Leah said...

it was truly a great day. if you ever want to do a vertical hike (its not too bad - but it not easy either) I would definitely recommend this trail!