Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Setting Up for Shows

I went to Portland Store Fixtures last week before doing the OHSU Handmade NW show and picked up some new displays for my work. I wanted to get something that made my new necklaces really pop. The work that I have been colaborating with Judi to make is very bright and springy - so the black necklace displays were doing nothing for them. I found these pale leather/wood necks and matching earring displays. They are great, I got 10 earring displays and the two necks for $15!!! Portland Store Fixtures is having a big sale, that was really fun!
I even found the red letters that spell LEAH (check out the picture above)... and I am so proud of myself that I made the H out of a R and a D. :)
Danielle gave me her broken computer monitor for displaying my computer mobiles and I think I looked pretty darned good.

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