Monday, June 16, 2008

I Love Glass Rings

I started my little business selling glass rings made out of borosilicate glass. I love them. I even fix them for customers if they ever break. Recently I heard from a customer of mine that bought a ring from me 7 years ago (hes worn it since then - 7 years!), it finally broke so he sent it to me so I could fix it. When I saw the ring a huge smile broke accross my face - this ring is worn with love - literally! It looks like beach glass now!I took another picture of the ring pieces next to a ring that is similar so you can see what the ring used to look like - you can barely see that the well-loved ring has blue dichroic sparkles in it! This sand-blasted quality can be easily fire polished off, in fact as soon as the ring hits the flame to be fixed it will turn glossy again.
I have only seen such a well-loved ring of mine twice before. Seriously, even the rings that I have and wear don't look like this. You really have to wear it A LOT to make it look like this. And its an incredible testament to how strong this glass is that it can be scratched so thoroughly without breaking! I have one customer at the Portland Saturday Market who comes and visits me all the time and she wears one of my rings on her pinky (I don't think she ever takes it off - she probably bought it from me 5 or 6 years ago). I have polished it for her a number of times to bring the sparkle back out.

I was visited by a couple this weekend at the market that bought rings from me for their anniversary one year... they bought two rings and watched as I made them both from one ribbon of glass. A year later they came and had me do it again. They have done this for 3 years now - soon I will make them a forth set. I know they wear them ALL the time and they love them. Here's a picture of their hands:

It tickles my heart that there are people out there who love my rings so much. Thank You!!



Amanda said...

Aww, this is so sweet!! They're really nice rings, too. Adding to my mental wishlist. :)

LeaKarts said...

Those are such great stories, Leah!

Anonymous said...

hi! i have a glass ring that i havent taken off since i got it 2 years ago. i lost a little weight and the ring had become too loose, it fell off at work one day and is broken into 2 pieces. i bought it on the lot at i WP show and it really means a lot to me. i can't find anyone who will fix it and although i didnt buy it from you, any help u can give me would b very appreciated. my email is kristy582us@yahoo