Thursday, June 12, 2008

Taking Pictures of Glass

Taking pictures of glass art can be really tricky. Using natural light really helps get a bright and good looking picture that has true colors... but sometimes the sun is just not shinning when a picture needs to be taken.
These PhotoFlood bulbs are the answer - they provide a really bright light that does not leave a yellow/orange tinge in your pictures. They have a short life span, but they last me years because I simply attach the light fixtures (I use the inexpensive metal hoods from the hardware store) to a power strip and I only turn them on when I am taking a picture. Really they are too bright to leave on while I am fiddling around with my glass to set it up for a picture-perfect pose - so just turn them on when you are ready to hit the trigger on the camera and then turn them back off as I go to set up the next object.

If you live in Portland Oregon these bulbs are available for sale at Sunlan on NE Mississippi


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