Monday, June 23, 2008

so what now...

okay, so now that this big conference is over, the question lingers

what do I feel inspired to do now?

I'll tell ya all that time spent watching sweaty glass blowers ... I feel compelled to play in the hot shop. I do think I might rent some time with a friend down at Elements glass.

But that is just play. I am inspired by the pattern work of Klaus Moje. My grandmother loves quilting and I'd like to make things for her that remind her of quilts. And I somehow think that doing pattern work in fused glass, like how quilters do pattern work, would look really neat. Let alone the idea of maybe taking these into the hot-shop and maybe rolling them up.

I also happened to locate a lot of my borosilicate dichro glass last week when I was emptying a box for shipping (I was going thru a box emptying out the peanuts and found a few sheets of dichro) so I am all inspired to make a big batch of rings.

Life is good, my torch is calling out to me to use it... my body wants to get back into doing yoga again (I have been lazy) and tomorrow I am going out fruit picking on Sauvi Island.
Its interesting, the balance of keeping up with work and orders and current projects abounding - I am grateful for the business and excited about make a living doing what I love and enjoy. However there in lies a challenge to balance work with play - time management. How do I find the time to do all that I am now inspired to do?


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