Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dollars and Cents

Today I got to take some great shots of a really old register.
The keys are awesome. My brain was in cash register mode
today - I had a spur of the moment give-away in my shop
and now I am having a give-away on the blog!

complimentary fun for my readers! A FREE LITTLE MOBILE!

the fine print: ONE lucky winner gets to receive a FREE
little mini glass mobile - handmade by me

please vote in the poll on the right hand side of the screen
"What Do You Want to Read About?"
then put a comment on this thread to let me know you'd
like to win a FREE mobi! I will contact the winner and get
your shipping address and voila - you will have won!

thanx for helping jump start my new blog. I may
pick out more than one winner for the fun of it!



Leah said...

dont forget to post a comment so I know you voted and would like a chance to win a free little mobile!

Anonymous said...

ooo a mobi! I need one for my car! :)

Recy Vintage & Creations said...

I'd love to win! Great promo and great blog you have here!

This is Karen Beth, aka. Recy, from Etsy, by the way! :)

Audrey said...

I voted! Congrats on getting the blog up and running.

Audrey (spinnerin)

LeaKarts said...

I like your blog, Leah! That chain-linked glass is soo cool. I voted, too--I will have to figure out how to put a poll in my blog, what a good idea.

All WIred Up! said...

Hi Leah,

Great blog, and I love your mobiles! Also, this last photo of the vintage register is really great - I like the perspective.

I voted too! Neat idea to find out what people want to hear about!

Dianelizabeth (from Etsy)

dnanevel said...

I voted for new ideas, I like what you've done so far and I can't wait to see what's next. I'd love to win a mini mobile!!

Christine said...

I would adore one of your mini mobiles! I've got my fingers crossed that I win :)

KC said...


I voted for all the choices. I am interested in everything you have to say. I discovered you last summer and found you again on Etsy. Would like to take a beadmaking class from you in November. It is so great you are sharing your work. It is wonderful. KC

czeltic girl said...

Great promo and lovely little mobiles. I voted. Fun blog, too.

And I'm smitten with your register. :)

Holly said...

I voted! Love your work (and your new blog)!

Pawtucket teen librarian said...

Oh, wow, those mobiles are very cool! I would love one to put up in the Teen Zone at my library

sugene said...

I voted! Those mobiles are beautiful!!

Aaron said...

I'm happy to vote and leave a comment. I found your blog through your Etsy shop and looking through your blog and shop has really brightened my evening-- such simple, elegant, thoughtful art. I will definitely be purchasing a certain mobile of yours come payday.

chanti said...

i love your blog! miss you and everyone. I should be back to the studio soon. my shoulder is getting better.

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

I voted. I'd love one of your cool little mobiles


Jennifer said...


I voted for the chance to win a free little mobile. I have one of your necklaces so a little mobile would be nice to add to my collection.