Friday, September 21, 2007


Chain Linking Glass

I like to chain link glass. I think its fascinating
that I can!

My little micro-business as a glass artist first
started (back in 2001) with making borosilicate
glass rings. I love making them, and it was a
great product to test out the skills I was learning
in business classes about how to sell my work
to shops and galleries. Over the years I have made
thousands of rings. So the idea of chain-linking
them isn't too difficult - its just almost unbelievable
that its possible.

The first time I saw chain-linking in glass was in
Eugene at the EGS, Tracey Doyle made a sweet
sculptural piece that was a tree with a woman
sitting on a swing - the entire sculpture was glass,
the tree, the woman, the swing, even the chain
holding the swing to the tree. Too cool! I was
inspired, so I went home and used some jade
green glass to make a chain-linked necklace.
This is what is pictured above.

The earrings below are an simple design that I would
like to sell online. I have sold them to customers here
in Portland that meet me at the Portland Saturday
Market, and I wear them constantly. I get a lot of
positive feedback. They are very comfortable and
good looking, I like the simplicity and the fascinating
aspect to them.

At the moment I am stumped
by roadblocks

1. I cannot find a good deal on
sterling silver ear hoops that
have a hinged back (the style
shown in the picture is what
I would prefer NOT to use,
they are difficult to get in, the
little wire having to slip inside
hollow loop - but thats what I have)

2. I do not know how to take a good picture of them. Taking
pictures of jewelry is HARD :)

3. so far I've made them in different styles, colors, sparkly,
and swirly (latticino) - I like em all, I'm not sure what
my customers would prefer - once I conquer issues 1+2
I will be able to put all sorts of styles up on myEtsy shop
and see what sells!

If anyone has advice (especially on where to find the ear-wires
I've already checked Rio Grande) please feel free to help!


Audrey said...

I don't know if this supplier is any good, but this is the cheapest option I found while searching:

Recy Vintage & Creations said...

Well, I don't have pierced ears so I can't say much about the earrings but I LOVE the necklace. So beautiful! I'm also very eager to see the pendants we talked about sometime back. I think those would just be FAB!


Karen Beth :)

All WIred Up! said...

Not sure if you've found a source for your hoops yet, but we have a really great bead and supply store in town. Next time I'm in I will price those hoops and see if I can find out where they order them from.


Danielle said...