Friday, September 28, 2007

Making O-Rings

I use a LOT of o-rings in making my mobiles... so I make a lot of o-rings (yes I make them myself - although I should admit that I adore help! and Tim is a great o-ring maker)

The pictures above show how I do it. The wonderful father of a good friend of mine made me the simple sturdy jig - basically a wooden frame with a bent steel bar that has a small hole. You feed the wire thru the hole then just turn the handle. The coils make about 100 0-rings after its all cut up and said and done.

And I should also admit that I didn't figure this out myself - I used to thrash my wrists making coils for o-rings, then I saw some chain-link artists using a drill and a dowel that had a small hole. I thought - brilliant! - but the metal I use (14guage) is too heavy for a wooden dowel, its just breaks or tears, so this steel rig works best for me.

Just thought I'd share how I do it. And I wanted to try out the neat SLIDE website. Its fun.


Danielle said...

Sweet O ring maker.

valleyseal said...


i really impress with style to create o rings by small tools you done it with smooth and stylish way creating O rings.